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At Leisure Liners Ltd all our Vinyl Liners are manufactured at the purposely equipped manufacturing facility where the whole process of creating your liner is taken care of; from receiving your requests; designing the cutting patterns; welding together the separate panels and final packing and distribution.

Every detail is considered in creating your liner. Our CAD process uses a program specifically modified to recreate your pool structure from raw dimensions and introduces the vital proportions of shrink that are required to make sure the final product is a perfect fit. Automated cutting tables ensure accuracy and neatness in generation of the individual liner panels from raw materials and our high frequency welding machines with a unique soft bar welding technique, specifically designed for the creation of pool liners, provide a solid, but smooth, seam weld. The welding machines are sunk into the factory floor to ensure materials are not stretched and distorted over tables or frames.

The finished product is carefully rolled and packed in a reinforced drum in order that handling on site to the pool side is as easy as possible.

Please do remember that, unlike many of our competitors we install as well as supply.
Installation can normally be completed within 2 to 3 weeks from point of sale.

The range of pattern designs available from Leisure Liners Ltd is extensive to say the least. All materials are sourced from the worlds leading suppliers of printed vinyl and are specifically formulated to suit the pool environment. Our range for 2014 offers everything from plain colours and traditional concepts to which a variety of tile-bands can be affixed, to more contemporary designs which include a pre-printed tile-bands and an array of wall and floor colours and patterns.

When ordering your liner, remember that Leisure Liners Ltd offer a full range of additional items, such as underlay felts and foams, adhesives and linerlocks; everything that is needed to do the job.

NEW FOR 2014! If you are replacing an old liner, your new purchase will transform your pool instantly! For the finishing touch don't forget to replace the existing pool fittings with fresh, clean ones. Remember that with every new standard Certikin liner installation we supply, FREE OF CHARGE, a full set of wall and floor fittings worth £200 plus VAT.

Here are some examples of our Mix and Match

Mykonas Blue/ Persia Blue Mosaic

Oxford Grey/Roman Mosaic

Ipanema Blue/Persia Blue Mosaic

Carthage Blue/Persia Blue Mosaic

Ipanema Blue/Persia Gray

Lisboa Blue/Crystal Mosaic

Oxford Blue/ Persia Sand Mosaic

Carthage Blue/Roman Mosaic

Pompeii Blue/Riverstone

Oxford Grey/Royal Mosaic

Lisboa Blue/Bysantine Blue

Oxford Grey/Ocean Midnight

Olympia Blue/Persia Blue Mosaic

Lisboa Blue/Blue Marble

Oxford Blue/Royal Mosaic

Olympia Blue/ Mosaic

Oxford Blue/Ocean Midnight

Pompeii Blue/Mosaic

Oxford Grey/Riverstone

Mykonos Blue/Ocean Midnight

Standard Liners and Borders - Here are a few examples of our range


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Standard Combination Liners available - mix & match

Based on a traditional range of patterns, Leisure Liners Ltd. Combination Liners are designed to offer flexibility of choice. One of four different tile bands can be selected and combined with differing wall and/or floor patterns to give a coordinated finish with a striking, classic look. The range of wall/floor patterns can also be made up into full liners if a tile-band is not desired.

All manufacturers are now phasing out 20 gauge liners.

Fully Patterned Contemporary American Liners

This range of contemporary tile band liners offers a wide range of options, opening a new avenue of colours and designs which can contrast greatly from the standard and commonly seen traditional ranges.

Stock is held in two forms, a narrow width wall section with a pre-printed border over an exciting wall design, and then a wider floor section which is the same pattern as the background of the wall - hence the two combine together to form an overall pattern with a distinctive co-ordinated tile band.

The pre-tailored wall depths offer a perfect fit against the common 3'4" shallow end wall, but because the floor panel is an exact match, any wall depth can be achieved by flowing the floor material up the wall.

Whilst the contemporary tile designs are pre-printed onto the basic wall design, it is also possible to cross-match these tile bands with any other patterned or plain wall/floor combination. We can manually trim the required tile band from one wall section and then weld it onto the desired wall pattern. Naturally this does introduce some wastage of materials and extra labour content for us, therefore a running metre surplus charge will be applied to the base cost of the liner you desire. For example, if you require the Savona Tile above a plain blue liner, we add the price per metre multiplied by the perimeter of the pool to the cost of the plain blue liner.

All liners are manufactured using the latest technologies and machinery in design, cutting and welding in our modern facility.

Seam welds are formed using 8kW hi-frequency welders which incorporate a soft bar welding technique for a smoother, flatter finish. Beading is attached via a high temperature automated beading machine which gives continually level, smooth and strong fusion between the liner wall and the bead extrusion.

All manufacturers are now phasing out 20 gauge liners.

Common Queries Addressed.

Please take note of the following before placing your liner order.

  1. Whilst every effort is made during manufacture to give a well matched finish to all patterns, in some instances materials cannot be matched along the seams and tileband.
  2. If you have a step section in the pool we will, where possible, place the closing wall seam central to this point in order that the seam is trimmed out during installation giving an almost seamless finish to the wall.
  3. Many Darker Materials are printed on white backgrounds. It is therefore common to have a fine white line along the edge of a seam due to the fusion of materials.

Fully patterned liners are available in an extensive range of designs and colours. Choose from traditional mosaic, marble or tuscan for an all over classic pattern, or select one of our exclusive pre-printed patterns with a tile band design for a more contemporary look.

For these styles, the liner floor is identical to the base of the wall section shown. All over pattern without tileband is available on request.

All materials are sourced from the world's leading suppliers and are formulated to provide excellent resistance to ultra-violet exposure, micro organism attack and chemically treated water. The vinyl ‘Bio-Pruf' treatment helps resist the growth of mould, mildew and other odour causing germs.