Touch Range

Touch is a range of vinyl, for site application only, designed to offer a simulation of a variety of natural stone effects both in appearance and texture. By combining high quality and thicker than standard (2.0mm as opposed to 1.5mm) vinyl with the latest design and manufacturing technology the Touch range offers a unique pool experience and presentation supported by a long established installation method.

The range has been created by not only printing, but also by engraving and embossing the surfaces of the vinyl to create a 3D effect which offers both aesthetic beauty and a pleasant and surprising touch. The vinyl is ultimately protected by the AlkorPlan 3000 multi-layered lacquering system for maximum protection within the pool environment.

Each of the three designs has been coated to mimic nature. The Authentic option offers the look of natural carved stone, whilst the Relax option re-creates an exotic beach effect and reflections of a turquoise sea. The texture of both the Authentic and Relax creations allows them to be certified as non-slip product to Cat C of the required DIN standard.

The Elegance design re-creates a black slate effect, offering elegance and glamour. An accompanying anti-slip version of this design is available for steps, ledges and slopes.

All designs are complimented by specific seam sealers which minimise the visibility of overlap heat sealed joints.


  •  Unique designs which mimic natural stone
  •  Printed and engraved vinyl protected with multi-layered lacquer
  • Thicker than standard PVC base - 2.0mm as opposed to 1.5mm
  • Specific co-ordinated liquid PVC seam sealer
  • Standard and established installation techniques
  • All the benefits of standard site lining installations
  • Complies with anti-slip standards in its own right or with complimentary products